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Your child Can Read

We bought the ” Your Child Can Read” boxed set along with the ” Your Child can Discover” Value pack from Amazon (Click to read my review).  There are 5 Dvds in the set.  The Product description says:


Your Child Can Read! 5 DVD Set Graduate Your Baby to the next level! Your Child Can Read is the next step in your child’s advanced language development. • Combines the best of phonics and whole word learning methods • Teaches children to read with comprehension using word, image and phonetic sound association. • Children learn to read in a naturally fast paced manner using interactive songs, poems and word games


We started with the “Your Child Can Read”  Dvd 1 usually in the mornings and later in the day did the Step 1 Dvd of ” Your Child Can Discover” – YCCD . Ed enjoyed these as much as he enjoyed the YCCD videos. In comparison to the low production quality of “Your Baby Can Read” Videos these are very superior and definitely produced with a much higher budget. I really liked the format which is a combination of animation and clips of young children doing different learning activities. The words are slowly flashed on the screen in intervals by using several different techniques each time, to keep it interesting. Just like the “Your Child Can Discover” series these videos also have great music and catchy songs that keep the little ones thoroughly entertained.

Although the description says that it follows a phonics and whole word approach,I feel it is definitely more whole word. If you have read our early learning story, you will know that we followed a parallel approach of phonics and the whole word method with Ed, which really worked well for him. But if you are looking for a more phonic based program, I dont think this is for you.

When we started showing these videos to Ed, we dint follow Dr Titzers instruction guidelines of showing the Dvds in a certain Step sequence. We followed Ed’s lead and If I felt that he enjoyed a certain Dvd more , I just played that for him and moved on to the others later. We still watch these  several times in a week and Ed enjoys them just the same.

So can the ” Your Child Can Read” Dvd’s  teach  your child to read?

My answer will  be “Yes” but only if you are planning on using them together with other methods and part of a whole consistent approach to teaching children to read. I doubt very much that these alone can teach your child to read. And I can say that pretty much for any product that we have used with Ed.  In our experience, a layered approach in learning, where we used several different products for reinforcement really helped him to learn and start reading early.  This is an excellent product that definitely gets a recommendation from me and can be an excellent addition to your early learning library.


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