“Your Child Can Discover” Value Pack Review

Your Child Can Discover

 We bought  ”Your Child Can Discover”  - YBCD  and the ” Your baby Can Discover”  - YBCD Value pack when Ed was around 18 months. Ed  loved watching ”  Your Baby Can Read” – YBCR from the time he was 8 months old and he learnt so much from that video. Besides exposing him to written words , I loved the videos as they were very encyclopedic in nature for  young children. They enjoyed watching other children on the screen clapping, crawling and discovering their environment. Although the production quality but not really top notch, I dint mind that at all. They are made for young children and there is plenty in there to keep them entertained and help them learn along the way.

Your Child Can Discover” and the other Dr Titzer’s early learning  products such as “Your Child can read” (Click to read my Review) and ” Your Baby can Discover”  had been on my wish list for a long time.  In July 2012 , I read the news that after being involved in a lawsuit, Dr Titzer’s company “Your Baby Can” has gone out of business. It was really sad to hear especially after seeing the learning benefits of YBCR with Ed. I remember immediately ordering all Dr Titzer’s  other products from Amazon that morning, fearing that they may not be available  later.

My Amazon order comprised of the Your Child Can Read 5 Dvd Set ( click to read the review)  and the Your Child can Discover Value set. The latter was a box that had the “Your baby can Discover” (3 Dvds), “Your child can Discover”( 3Dvds) and 6 “Your Child can discover” books.

Product Review :

“Your Child can Discover”  has 3 Dvds and each Dvd is marked as Step1, Step2 and Step3 and are meant to be shown in that sequence. The Dvds and the books cover 6 topics- Colors, Logic patterns, Geometric Shapes, Numbers, Prepositions and Music. The production quality is excellent and special attentions has been paid to ensure that all the early learning concepts are presented in an engaging and interactive format. To avoid passive viewing, the narrator tries to involve the children by asking questions from time to time which helps to keep the viewing experience interactive for the child. What I really liked is that, the videos are not completely animated. They have managed to incorporate the animation part with real children who are engaged in several fun and educational activities. The songs and music is very catchy and Ed loved to sing and dance to it!

The 6 books that came in the set correspond with the same Dvd topics and help to reinforce the content learnt through the videos. These are very attractive, brightly colored, glossy finish and  sturdy flap style books.

“Your Baby Can Discover” Dvd pack also is a series of 3 Dvd’s which follows the same Step system as the “Your Child Can Discover”. These Dvds also cover the same 6 topics but the content is is simplified to make it suitable for younger children.

Overall I am very satisfied with all products by Dr Titzer as it has such a great balance of being educational and not compromising on the fun element for children. I highly recommend them for anyone wanting to add some quality content to their early learning resources.


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