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Your baby can read - YBCR

Afew months after we had been consistently doing the Glenn Doman Reading Kit and following the “ How To Teach Your Baby To Read” book we bought the “Your Baby Can Read” -YBCR Dvds. Ed loved the Glenn Doman flashcards in the beginning  but after a couple of months he started to lose interest and would just look away each time I brought the cards out. It was then I realized that I had to introduce him to something new that he would enjoy and which would help us to continue teaching him to read.

So there I was back to searching Early learning products on the Internet when I came across the “Your Baby Can Read”  - YBCR  Dvds by  Dr Titzer.  After reading a few recommendations, I did come across some mixed reviews, in fact some were really negative. I wanted to do my own research and watched some sample clips and also read more about the the famous “phonics vs whole word” approach. Since I did not have a problem following Glenn Doman’s whole word reading method, I felt that I would like to give Your Baby Can Read Dvd’s a try. From what I had seen in the clips, I felt if nothing else, it would be good for Ed to watch some non-animated videos with real children and babies and learning common words, names of animals etc

Your Baby Can Read Review 

I bought the 5 Dvd Set without the other additional products like the sliding cards etc. I have to admit that I was not really impressed when I watched them the first time. The videos are very low budget productions and it seemed like they were shot decades ago. We started watching them and the only thing I liked was the slow pace of the videos for Ed, who was only around 8 months old at that time.

I dint think much of them and just treated them as videos of some encyclopedic content that was perfectly suited for young children. My opinion started to change when I observed how much Ed was enjoying watching these. I am not in favour of passive viewing of any content on the Tv, so one thing we always made sure was that we watched these together with him. We said the words aloud, sang the rhymes with him. Ed loved it when I did the ” head and shoulders, knees and toes” song along with the children in the video. At that time I dint care if he was learning to read because I could see how much he was enjoying watching these. To support his learning, we made sure that we pointed out to objects that he was seeing in the videos, used the words and pointed out to animals and birds he was learning about in the videos.

One day , I wrote some common words, in large font on each page of a notepad and showed them to him. Some of the words I showed him were milk, clap, dog, bird etc. These were words that we were often using with him via baby sign language and Ed knew most of these signs as we had been teaching him baby sign language using the  ” Baby Signing Time” Dvds since he was 6 months old. I remember him looking at the word “dog” and patting his thigh (the sign for dog). He read the word “Dog”! I feel overwhelmed just thinking about that day. It was the first time I remember really believing that young children could read . I knew very little about early learning when we started doing it with Ed and I must admit that somewhere deep down I was not sure, if it would really work or if we were doing it correctly. And I know what the critics would say : He was not reading, he just memorized the word.  Well even if he memorized it, I feel the whole word reading method gave him a great platform. Today he can read not only all the  words from the YBCR Dvds, but hundreds of sight words, reads small sentences  and tries to sounds out several other words which he has never seen before.

I really recommend these Dvds just like I recommend several other Dr Titzer’s products such as ” Your Child Can Read” or Your Child Can Discover“.

But there is something I would like to point out : that by recommending these products I am not necessarily supporting any makers claims that “This One Product Will Teach Your Child To Read” . I taught Ed to read by using these and several other products and methods together (you can read about it in our early learning story) So it would be hard to isolate one product and support its claims of teaching a child to read. I recommend them because they really added value to our learning experience and they definitely helped Ed to get there.


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