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Math Mat Challenge GameI am always on the lookout for games and Ipad Apps that can make Math fun for Ed because of his limited interest in the subject. So far the combination of the Eurotalk Math Apps and the Teach Me Kindergarten App along with the book  Marshmallow Math have been great at teaching him important Early math concepts such as numbers, counting, one to one correspondence etc. It is really nice to see how moving away from conventional  teaching methods to fun playful games and apps has improved his interest in Math. Just seeing him pick up the Ipad and choosing to play with his math apps out of the other Apps is a great achievement for us. So when a friend recommended the Learning Resources Math Mat Challenge Game, I was really excited to get it for Ed. I read the reviews and felt that Ed would really enjoy jumping and hopping on the mat and learning his numbers. It would be great to use even when he would start doing addition and subtraction equations later. We got the Math Mat Challenge and have been using it everyday!

The Math Math Challenge has 3 Math Quiz games, that come in 2 levels:

1)Numbers-Level 1 & Level2

2)Addition- Level 1 & Level2

3)Subtraction - Level 1 & Level2


Each of the above Quiz games has 2 levels which makes it very easy to adapt the Math Math Challenge for young children and preschoolers who are just learning to count. The Level 1 of each of the games is the simpler version and you can move to the level 2 if you want to increase the difficulty of the game and challenge the child. I think the Math Mat Challenge offers great play value as it will grow with your child and can be used from PreK  to Grade 2 as you slowly move from counting to addition and subtraction.

Although the game is for Ages 3-6 , Ed started playing it when he was around 30 months old. We only do the Numbers games at level 1 at the moment and will be soon moving to the level 2. The Numbers game at level 1 is a number quiz to identify numbers between 0-10. The mat calls out a number and the child has to step on the correct answer before the time runs out. The Numbers Level 2 teaches forward and backward counting. Ed is having so much fun with the Level 1 that we would let him play with that for a few weeks before moving it to level 2 in which the backward counting part may frustrate  him. He doesn’t like to count backwards so I am looking forward to seeing how he would reacts to Level 2 when we start that. For the level 3  - It will be a while before we start using the Addition and subtraction games on the mat as Ed is not doing any equations yet. But I am sure it would be great for addition and subtraction introduction and reinforcement.


Math Mat Challenge video


What I really love about the game is that besides teaching children early math, it teaches them other skills such as  problem solving and challenges them to act fast with because of the timer. It is a fun floor game that helps them with their physical development and stimulates their auditory, visual, and sensory action skills. The child learns to listen to the question, then look for the correct answer on the mat and then tap or jump on it.



Learning Resources Math Mat Challenge Game has won quite a few awards. Below is the list of the awards –  that I found on the the Learning Resources Website:

  • Exceptional Parent Magazine’s Toys for 2003
  • Winner Learning Magazine’s Teacher’s Choice Award for the Family toytips.com – Toy Tip rating of 5 (2002)
  • Oppenheim Gold Seal of Approval (2002)
  • Creative Classroom’Teacher Tested Tools Award (2002)
  • Parents Magazine – Named One of the Best Toys of the Year – Smart Toys for Learning Category (Nov. 2002)
  • Parent’s Choice 2002 Recommended Award Winner
  • Teacher’s Choice Award – Learning Magazine (2002)
  • Silver Award – Practical Preschool Magazine – UK (2002)
  • The National Parenting Center’s Seal of Approval (2002)
  • Canadian Toy Testing Council Three Star Winner (2002)
  • Babyzone.com Amazing Toy Award (2002) – Math Category


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