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Early math Eurotalk Math Age 3-5 App

This is the first app I am reviewing for the Educational Apps section of this website and the reason I choose this particular app is because it is so hard to come across good Early Math Apps. We have had the Eurotalk Math 3-5 App for about 10 months and we keep coming back to it every few weeks. The App is divided in 2 Parts with Part 1 being suitable for younger children. The Part 2 increases in difficulty and Ed still has some modules to master in that. I liked this App so much that after Ed was getting comfortable doing some modules of Part 2, I could not resist buying the Eurotalk Math 4-6  by the same Developer just to see what we would be doing next.

Eurotalk Math Age 3-5 Overview:

  • Covers 10 topics divided in Part 1 & Part 2
  • With over 80 different sets of activities.
  • It is available in two parts, as separate in app-purchases.
  • Available in many Languages
  • You can try the first topic for free.

Early math Eurotalk Math Age 3-5 App3

Early Math Topics covered :

Part 1 (●)
1 Sorting and matching (This Topic is free with the download)
2 Counting to 3
3 Lines and patterns
4 Counting 4 to 6
5 Where is it?

Part 2 (●●)
1 Counting 7 to 10
2 Patterns and shapes
3 Counting 1 to 10
4 Comparing
5 Add and take away

Age Group:

The Developer guidelines are for Age 3-5. I just checked the date we installed it and it was when Ed was around 23 months. I dont always follow age guidelines on products and usually take Ed’s lead based on his current level of understanding. Initially I went through each Module in Part1 with him explaining the instructions and questions of the Teacher (Lady in App). But after a few practice sessions he was on his own and I just helped him with the counting  section.

Early math Eurotalk Math Age 3-5 App2

Balance:Educational Value & Fun

Eurotalk math 3-5 offers very high educational value. It covers all the important early math topics I would like to see in a Math App for young children. It has nice progression of concepts based on difficulty starting at a very basic level and working up with small increments  in complexity. It offers scaffolding  and effective feedback for learners after each activity is complete.

I would rate it low on the element of fun for kids as the App has no story or characters and basically gets straight to the point ie teaching math. It  does lack the entertainment some of the other Apps provide. Although this does not bother me but may be a deciding point for some parents.


Early math Eurotalk Math Age 3-5 App1

Design, Concept and Functionality:

Although the concept is simple with no story or characters, I feel the App delivers what it promises. It feels like a school setting with an excellent Teacher clearly guiding and  instructing children through all the Early Math concepts to help them successfully solve the questions placed before them.The rewards are Certificates with the child’s name on it which they receive after successfully completing every question in the Quiz at the end of each Topic. These can be Printed out emailed or shared through social networks such as Facebook. The animation is simple but bright and colorful making it appealing for kids. I especially like the clean and uncluttered look. Functionality is smooth with no wrongly placed buttons or arrows for kids to accidentally press. The button on the top right corner to repeat the question is very useful and one we often use when I have to explain the questions to Ed.

Cost and Value for Money:

This is an expensive App compared to the other Ipad Apps but even then I feel it offers great value for Money.

  • The first topic, Sorting and Matching is free with the app download. The other nine topics are available through in-app purchases
  • Buy all 9 for $9.99 OR
  • Buy Each individual topics for $1.99 each

(Pricing is subject to change by the  Developer so please check before Buying)


  • The Reward system could be made more exciting. The certificate at the end is great but each module has around 8 activities making it very lengthy. Small rewards instead of just Stars along the way would keep a child further motivated.
  • A progress method telling a child how many activities in the module are completed and how many more to go would be helpful in keeping the child involved and target oriented.

Overall Value:

I would rate this as an Outstanding App and a must have  to introduce Early Math concepts to young children of all abilities. Besides learning other important Early math concepts through this App, Ed finally understood the concept of one to one correspondence . That was something I was trying to teach him for a long time which makes this App worth every cent for us.


iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 4.0 or later

Buy Now or Download to Try the First Topic of Eurotalk Math 3-5 for Free:


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