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An organized Directory of Top early learning Educational Resources for your Child – Reading, Math, Music,Languages Encyclopedic knowledge, Moral education, Discipline and more. It includes links to both free and paid high quality educational products, printables, activities, worksheets etc that will help you as an Early Learning Parent. Please bookmark this page or sign up for the Newsletter to stay updated on the new resources that will be regularly added.


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Peter Weatherall’s Dvds

Peter Weatherall’s Dvds
From the Website: "Hi. My name is Dr Peter Weatherall and I'm an independent children's musician and animator. My aim is to create high quality educational songs and videos for children, teachers and parents. I deliver educational content to children that they will want to watch and listen to and that will stick: they simply won't be able to get the information contained in my songs and videos out of their heads. That's a guarantee. My aim is to engage and educate young minds and not simply to sell "edutainment" products and make a profit. I have a genuine commitment to enriching young minds, not to feed them mind candy and line my own pockets in the process. So if you are looking for something different to the normal commercial offerings out there (Little Einsteins, Dora the Explorer, etc) you've come to the right place: hopefully your children will learn something of real educational value: to spell, do mathematics, develop factual scientific knowledge of physics, chemistry and biology, get A-grades on their school tests, and one day become a writer, mathematician or scientist . . . and have fun in the process. I want to help create informed and intelligent young people rather than the next generation of consumers. I am trying to sell you something on this website: not slickly packaged edutainment that will divert your children for an hour or two, but a vision of what the future should be in terms of audio-visual education for children.






The Educational resources listed in this Directory are high quality early learning products that receive excellent reviews from me or numerous other parents. This list also includes recommended or researched products that are on my wishlist to be used when Ed is older. I hope that parents find the information in the Early Learning Directory useful. Some of the product listings may contain affiliate links.